Vision Clinics of Development and Learning in Bellevue, Bothell and Seattle WA offer Pediatric Eye Exams, Functional Vision Evaluations and Vision Therapy services. We provide evaluation and treatment of visual skills dysfunctions, especially related to special needs, autism, learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit, ADHD, and academic / vocational performance, reading, writing, dysgraphia, lazy eye, and strabismus. Clinic and / or home-based tutoring and therapy solutions offered.


Vision is involved in most everything we do in life.
Do you or your child struggle with school, work, attention, or the enjoyment of life? Consider how many hours of the day are spent working with books, papers, and computer screens. Visual skills are critical for the tremendous demands on focus, attention, and thinking that are needed for success today.

Our Functional Vision Evaluation goes beyond a basic eye exam to evaluate specific skills, such as two-eye coordination, eye tracking, focusing flexibility, visual perceptual processing, visual-vestibular integration and visual orientation and stability that are essential for academic and career success.

A Functional/Developmental Vision Evaluation is an essential part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to a child’s developmental or academic struggles. Our doctors collaborate with other professionals in providing this important visual component. After an evaluation, a comprehensive functional evaluation report is written which can inform you and your child's team of professionals on their visual status. If needed, therapeutic activities are prescribed. Many of these activities can be integrated within existing therapies or school programs, with progress monitored via Internet systems and occasional office visits.

Our doctors make extensive use of internet-based software, and at-a-distance coaching systems offering families effective therapeutic practice at home, which saves considerable time and resources over more traditional office-based programs (office-based therapy is available too).

We are network providers for a variety of insurance plans including Regence, Premera, DSHS, Molina, & others. Please call for more information about your plan.

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