Traditional & High-Tech Tools

A lot of treatment can be accomplished with a simple string of beads. But you really have to be motivated and understand what you are doing to make good progress. For children especially, the boring factor creeps into many traditional vision therapy tools and techniques very quickly. In-clinic vision traning is going to be most effective when it is combined with prescribed home-based practice activities. Stimulation needs to occur multiple times per week, not just one time a week during the in-clinic session. This is where high-tech tools can be most effective. Software and technology can facilitate home-based practice. Data can be transfered back to the clinic for analysis and management. Practice activities can be more game like, which makes them more exciting and motivational for kids. We still use traditional tools, but we recommend the high-tech tools in most situations as we see better compliance and results.

Here are some of the high-tech tools that can facilitate home-based practice of visual skills development and treatment.

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Vivid Vision
Vivid Vision

Product Overview

Vivid Vision uses virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, and Google Daydream to treat binocular vision issues like amblyopia, strabismus, and convergene insufficiency.

Play exciting virtual reality games instead of patching.

  • For amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence
  • Designed for all ages
  • Use at home or in the clinic
  • Supports Vive, Rift, GearVR, and Daydream
  • Interactive and exciting exercises and tests

Eye Gaze Tracking

Shaw Lens

What is the secret ingredient in IM?


Picture a clock and imagine opening it up and looking at all the gears rotating in unison. Like a clock, your brain is an amazing machine that controls every function using precise timing, and is used in virtually everything we do:

  • Being able to focus on a teacher presenting a new concept.
  • Hitting a baseball, learning piano, or simply grabbing a glass of water.
  • Processing concepts in your mind and then through speech conveying these concepts to others.
  • Organizing and storing information as well as retrieving that information when needed.
  • It even controls when we want to sleep and wake up.

IM is a research-backed treatment program that helps improve timing through exercise and practice. Better timing leads to improvements in things like focus, coordination, planning, as well as processing speed. Whether you are born with a developmental deficit, suffering from a neurological injury, or battling a degenerative condition, IM is one of the key ingredients for enhancing your amazing time machine and improving your life.

Shaw Lens

There's a reason you haven't liked your glasses

The basic problem with current lens design is that it doesn’t take into consideration how the eyes work together. The SHAW lens uses doctor measured motor fusion (vergence) limits and sophisticated math to create lenses that take into account how your eyes move together as it balances the image sizes. This solves many distortion problems. As a result, many patients report better vision comfort and fewer headaches.


Before you can understand and get meaning from the objects you look at, you must be able to hold objects in your visual grasp. This means coordinating both eyes so they are pointing at the object you are looking at, and focusing both eyes so the object you are looking at is clear. Once the object is in your visual grasp, you can visually feel the object to get meaning and understanding. After you have finished getting meaning from one object, you then must move your visual grasp to the next object. So, eye coordination, eye focusing, and eye movements are basic visual skills for all seeing tasks.

HTS activities develop improved precision in eye coordination, eye focusing, and eye movements.

HTS activities: 

Timocco Logo

What is Timocco?

Timocco is an online, therapeutic gaming environment specifically designed for children. Using motion based technology, our games respond to the child’s movements. Timocco’s patented tracking software allows any webcam to identify and follow player’s movements by following objects held by the player.

Timocco’s mission is to provide motivating and meaningful games that are therapy orientated, thus encouraging the child to participate and progress to the best of their ability.

Timocco’s broad range of games have been especially designed by Occupational Therapists to provide interactive and motivating opportunities for developing motor, cognitive and communication abilities. Results from each game are recorded to allow for easy tracking of progress.